BBC[EDX-301] : Configuration Tool for EDX-301

Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Bit-Bang Configuration

HuMANDATA original configuration tool "BBC[EDX-301]" offers you

  • FPGA Configuration
  • Configuration Memory Access (Write/Read/Erase)

without special download cable.
BBC[EDX-301] requires just only .bit for both operations, no need to prepare mcs file for configuration device.
Software project file and source codes is also offered for customizing. (Borland C++ Builder 2007)

BBC[EDX-301] is tested under these OS below, and is not supported for Mac and Linux.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 (32/64bit)
  • Windows 10

2012/04/17: Release


FPGA Configuration


Item Explanation
File Open .bit file
Go Run FPGA Configuration.
Reset The FPGA will be reset.
SW1 setting Please set SW1[1] "OFF" as below.



Configuration Device Access


Item Explanation
Go Start the "Process flow" as set.
FPGA Config FPGA is configured with special bit file to connect channel A of FT2232H to the configuration device.
Bulk Erase Erase all sectors before downloading.
Sector Erase Erase sectors before downloading.

Download a bit file into the configuration device.
For erase only process, uncheck this check-box.

Verify Read-back the programmed data and check identity.
FPGA Reset The FPGA will be reset at the end of process.
SW1 setting Please set SW1[1] "OFF" as below.



Option Setting


Item Explanation
Save Current Setting

State of check-boxes and file paths are saved when you exit.
You can erase ini file contents by uncheck this and exit or delete ini file which in tool root directry.

Use default port description

Uncheck this when you change EDX-301 USB port description.
Dropping down channel combo-boxes, FTDI ports will be displayed. (NOTE)

Channel A (Configuration Device) Port description of channel-A of FT2232H used for configuration device access
Channel B (FPGA Configuration) Port description of channel-B of FT2232H used for FPGA configuration.
Show System Message Elaborate messages will be showed.
Default Set the channel combo-boxes to EDA-004's default port description names.
Port Detect You can detect FTDI USB port manually. (NOTE)

(NOTE) Please note that not only FTDI of EDX-301 but also all FTDI ports connected your PC will be detected.


Configure FPGA by Configuration device

When you configure the FPGA by configuration device, please set the "FPGA configuration mode" to Master SPI mode by setting SW1[1] ON as below.

The FPGA will be configured automatically when it is powered-up.


(*) Please be care not to download inadequately tested design file in configuration device. It maybe cause damage to the board or peripherals.


Indirect connection between FT2232H and Configuration Device

When access to configuration device with channel-A of FT2232H, the FPGA is configured with "fpga_path_edx301.bit".

Do not delete "fpga_path_edx301.bit" included with exe file.



  Version File
BBC[EDX-301] tool V11 Download
Project File (Borland C++ Builder 2007) V11 Request

Simple configuration application "BitCfg3" is here. (FPGA configuration only, VC++6.0 project)


If you have questions or requests, please contact us.

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