Management of RoHS Directive-Controlled Substances in HuMANDATA’s Products

Management of RoHS Directive-controlled substances in HuMANDATA’s products is implemented through the following measures. We intend to learn day by day and take actions accordingly. We will promote management taking into account guidance from our customers.

Number Item Description Remarks
1 Parts used RoHS Directive-compliant parts shall be selected/adopted. If other alternatives must be used, their manufacturing records shall be managed by serial number.
2 Solder used The solder used for mounting and/or reworking shall be lead-free.    
3 PCB To reduce the risks of problems caused by lead-free solders, all the PCBs shall be gold-flashed.  
4 Screws/
Screws and nuts used shall be free of chrome or other such materials. Accessories and packaging materials used shall be as environmentally friendly as possible.   

By implementing the measures described above, HuMANDATA will promote environmental efforts. Our management does not guarantee compliance with the laws and regulations enacted or enforced by each EU member country, or foreign and domestic laws to be enacted in the future. All information is based on documents/e-mails provided by, or interview surveys with, our suppliers. Some information may be substituted by information provided on the manufacturers’ websites. The components were not analyzed by our company. The information is based on the relationship of trust between our company and our suppliers. Our understanding is that the reliability of our products is also based on a relationship of trust between our customers and our company. Management is conducted with the utmost care; if any directive-controlled substances are identified in our current products, we shall not provide any compensation or take any responsibility.

Please note that we will not provide tables of components or other similar materials on our products. All the materials available at the time of purchase of products are released in advance. Please refrain from asking for additional materials after the product has been shipped.

Icons Used on the Website

  1. The RoHS6 icons RoHS6 are used for products for which management of the 6 substances controlled by the original RoHS Directive (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE) has been confirmed.
  2. The RoHS10 icons RoHS10 are used for products for which management of the 4 additional substances controlled by the amended RoHS Directive (DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP), along with the 6 substances controlled by the original RoHS Directive, has been confirmed.
  3. The RoHS_NO icons are used for products which may contain RoHS Directive-controlled substances.

* The RoHS6 and RoHS10 icons show that contents of the RoHS Directive-controlled substances have been confirmed to be “equal to or less than the threshold values”. The threshold values correspond to the values controlled by the EU RoHS Directive.

*The RoHS markings RoHS marking on the product main units have been used to indicate compliance with the original RoHS Directive (that covers 6 substances); they do not indicate that the products are compliant with the amended RoHS Directive (that covers 10 substances).

RoHS marking is a trademark and registered trademark of HuMANDATA.

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