BBC[EDX-009] : Configuration Tool for EDX-009

Last Updated: Thursday, 23 December 2021

Bit-Bang Configuration

HuMANDATA original configuration tool "BBC[EDX-009]" provides you

  • FPGA Configuration
  • Configuration Memory Access (Write/Read/Erase)

without a special download cable.
BBC[EDX-009] requires just only .rbf file for both operations. You do not need to prepare an mcs file for configuration device. Software project files and source codes are offered to customize. (Borland C++ Builder XE8)

BBC[EDX-009] is tested under these OS below, and is not supported for Mac and Linux.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Command Tab


 - Configuration : Configure the FPGA
 - Reset : Reset the FPGA
NOTE : Set the configuration mode as slave serial

 - Program : Program the configuration device
 - Erase Only : Erase the configuration device (Only 1st sector)

  • [...] : You can select a bit file to use.
  • Dir : A directory part of the rbf file path.
  • File : File name.
  • Always Front : Keep the windows on top.

Option Tab

  • Use default port description : Default USB port description of EDA-009 will be used.
  • Save Setting (ini file) : You can save the file path and other settings for next launch.
  • Show System Message : You can see more detailed log.
  • Find Ports : You can see ports which are detected on PC.

Use with command line arguments

You can set the file path and execute comfiguration.

Followed Argument Function Note
-F file path Set the file path fields. Both relative and absolute path are OK.
Same directory of exe will be used when you set just only file name.
-C none Configure the FPGA. -F is necessary
-A none Configure the FPGA.
The done pin will not be checked after configuration.
-F is necessary
-R none Reset the FPGA reset.  
-P none Program the configuration device. -F is necessary
-E none Erase the configuration device.  
-N none Check the done pin condition.  
-D Port Description Set an USB port description Optional
-G Positive integer Set time to close. The zero will keep the tool alive.
Maximum value is 10.


Exit Code Result
0 Finished successfully
1 The done pin is high (-N command)
2 The done pin is low (-N command)
-1 Finished with some error
-2 File path is not set

Note : Use start command with a /wait option command to get proper exit code.

Example of Usage
BBC[EDX-009].exe -f test.bit -c
BBC[EDX-009].exe -f ../../test.bit -p



  Version File
BBC[EDX-009] tool V11 Download
Project File (Borland C++ Builder XE8) V11 Request


2016/10/14: Release

If you have questions or requests, please contact us.

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