CameraLink Signal Capture Demo with Altera Cyclone IV

Last Updated: Thursday, 12 June 2014

CameraLink Signal Capture Demo with Altera Cyclone IV (ACM-024) LVDS I/F

This is simple CameraLink LVDS signal capture demonstration. CameraLink LVDS signals are directly captured by Altera Cyclone IV FPGA board ACM-024, and displayed in TFT LCD. CameraLink signals are generated by an analog CameraLink driver. A cheap CCD camera module is connected to the driver's input.



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Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA Board ACM-024 HuMANDATA
Universal board ZKB-105 HuMANDATA
CameraLink ACLD-400 (Japanese) STAC
4.3" LCD Touch Panel Package TRDB-LTM (Discontinued) Terasic
UTL-021 is alternative product
5″ Color LCD Display Module with Touch Panel
Color CCD Camera TR-1300C (Japanese) corona-dengyo
Download cable Terasic Blaster Terasic


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CameraLink frame grabber connector is "10226-2210PE (3M)". Pins are converted into DIP scale with a conversion board "SOP28-1P27(Aitem-Lab, japanese)".


System Architecture

The FPGA receives LVDS signals (data x4, clock x1) from ACLD-400 and transfers RGB data to the LCD.


FPGA Configuration

LVDS signals are captured by FPGA internal components generated by MegaWizard "ALTLVDS_RX".

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Number of LVDS data signals is 4, so set "Number of Channels" to "4".
CameraLink transfer data in 7bits per one clock in one data-lane. Set "Deserialization Factor" to "7".


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ACLD-400 output clock at 24.5454MHz in NTSC mode, so set "Clock Frequency" to 24.55MHz.
Set "Input Dat Rate" to 171.8178 which multiply "Clock Frequency" by "Deserialization Factor".



Here is FPGA internal data captured by SignalTap. You can see RPG data between holizonal synch signal assert.
Net Name Signal Explanation
rx_out[27] Spare Reserved bit
rx_out[20] DVAL Frame and Line data is valid
rx_out[19] FVAL Frame data is valid (Vertical synchronization signal)
rx_out[18] LVAL Line data is valid (Horizonal synchronization signal)
rx_out[22:21],[5:0] R[7:0] Red color data
rx_out[24:23],[11:6] G[7:0] Green color data
rx_out[26:25],[17:12] B[7:0] Blue color data

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Design Files

Please be forewarned that we do not offer sample design files.

We hope you find this demonstration informative.
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