Last Updated: Wednesday, 04 February 2015


These connectors used to connect our products, ACM series and XCM series, to your applications.

They are accessible, but are available from us. DIL 22-pin header for USB series is also available.

No Product Name Model Image Package List price
jpy (JPY)
1 SIF40 Connector CN-SIF40-M 1 pcs    
2 SMA connectors 8-SMA089PE8D 8 pcs/set Yuetsu Seiki  
3 FX10A80S 2-FX10A-80S/8-SV(71) 2 pcs/set Hirose

4 FX10A100S 2-FX10A-100S/10-SV(71) 2 pcs/set Hirose

5 HKP-66FD2 2-HKP-66FD2 2 pcs/set Honda

6 HKP-22FD2 HKP-22FD2 1 pcs Honda

7 66PIN socket (x10) 10-66S10B-01G 10 pcs/set JIH

8 66PIN socket
SMD type
10-66M0PB-02 10 pcs/set JIH
9 66PIN socket
throug-hole type
10-66C10B-03 10 pcs/set JIH
10 66PIN socket
SMD type
(No guide-spot)
10-66M10B-04 10 pcs/set JIH
11 40PIN socket 10-40S10B-01G 10 pcs/set JIH
12 44PIN socket 10-44S10B-01G 10 pcs/set JIH
13 22PIN socket 10-22S10B-01G 10 pcs/set JIH

Note : DIL pin headers are attached as accessories for ACM/XCM-1 series and ACM/XCM-3 series.


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