Pitch Conversion Board for ACM/XCM-1 series (Type4)


ACC-043 can convert ACM/XCM-1 series' user I/O into 2.54 mm pitch.
SMA connectors are available as optional ports for boards have fast serial interface. 4 pairs of signals can be drawn out to 8 SMA connectors. Voltages of IO power, VIOLA/VIOLB, can be set by DIP switch separately.

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Image with SMA connectors.
(SMA connectors are optional and sell separately.)

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Reference Data

Waveform of ACM-116L transceiver

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  • Channel: CNB(P)
  • Ref.Clk: 125MHz
  • Rate: 2.5Gbps
  • VOD Setting:31
  • Pre-emphasis 1st post-tap: -5
  • Data: PRBS-7
  • Device: 10AX016E4F27E3SG



  • For ONE ACM/XCM-1 series board.
  • Two 80-pin HIROSE connectors
  • Separated two voltages for IO power can be switched by on-board DIP switch
  • 128 general user I/Os (50x2+14x2)
  • Optional SMA connectors (sell separately)
  • High quality four layers PCB.(Immersion gold)
  • Credit-Card-Size 3.386"x 2.126" (86 x 54 mm)
  • Electrical short-circuit is tested (by Universal Open-Short tester)

Package Contents

Item Image Quantity
ACC-043 ZKB-078KIT 1
Pin Headers 80pinhead 2
screw set   1

There is no paper document such as user's manual and circuit schematic in the package.
Please download those documents from the link in the documentation section below.

Price and Add-ons

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Pitch Conversion Board for ACM/XCM-1 series (Type4) ACC-043
SMA connectors,EIGHT-piece set
(Yuetsu Seiki Edge-mount 1.6mm)


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