[AP68-06Z]Altera Cyclone V PLCC68 FPGA Module

Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Altera  Cyclone V PLCC68 FPGA Module



AP68-06Z offers you useful 68pin PLCC FPGA module of Altera high performance Cyclone V.
It's very compact size so you can use AP68-06Z in universal board by using DIP PLCC socket. Only one 3.3V single power supply is required. There are 50 user I/Os divided into two Vccio group, an oscillator and a configuration device on it.

Rev2: Due to a discontinuance of configuration device, EPCQ32SI8N, the device on this board is changed to the alternative part, EPCQ32ASI8N.
Support for Discontinuing Intel Configuration Device.

Top Side

Altera  Cyclone III PLCC68 FPGA Module AP68-06Z
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Bottom Side

Altera  Cyclone III PLCC68 FPGA Module AP68-06Z
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With Through hole PLCC socket




  • Altera 5CEBA4U15C8N
    Feature 5CEBA4U15C8N
    Logic Elements 49 K
    ALM 18,480
    Memory: M10K (kb) 3,080
    Memory: MLAB (kb) 303
    Total Memory (kb) 3,383
    18 x 18 multipliers 132
    PLLs 4
    Global clock networks 16
    Maximum user I/O pins(Device) 224
    Maximum user I/O pins(Board) 50
This table is for reference. Please refer to official datasheets for certain information.
  • Configuration device
    Rev2: EPCQ32A (Intel, 32Mbit)
    Rev1: EPCQ32 (Altera, 32Mbit)
  • PLCC 68pin package
  • 3.3 V single power supply operation with on-board 1.1 V and 2.5 V regulators
  • Separated Vccio (VIO(A) and VIO(B))
    Only 3.3 V apply is available
  • On-board Oscillator, 50MHz (LVTTL)
  • One Status LED (Config Done:Green)
  • Power-on Reset IC for stable FPGA configuration
  • High quality eight layers PCB. (Immersion gold)
  • Compact PLCC size 25.3 x 25.3 mm
  • Tested all I/O
  • RoHS compliance

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FPGA Module (AP68-06Z-A4) Altera  Cyclone III PLCC68 FPGA Module AP68-06Z 1

There is no paper document such as user's manual and circuit schematic in the package.
Please download those documents from the link in the documentation section below.

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Cyclone V PLCC68 FPGA Module AP68-06Z-A4 5CEBA4U15C8N
Universal board for AP/XP PLCC68 Module ZKB-092 -


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