[USB-106] FT600 Evaluation Board

Last Updated: Thursday, 01 August 2019

USB-106 FT600 Evaluation Board

USB-106 is an evaluation board of FTDI's FT600. FT600 supports USB 3.0 SuperSpeed (5Gbps).
You can utilize this board for FT600 performance estimating, preproduction prototypes, USB communication interfaces for your application and more.

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Specifications (USB-106)

  • FT600 (FTDI)
  • USB3.0 B Connector
  • 40-pin user interface
  • Operate from 5.0V or 3.3V power supply
  • On-board 3.3V regulator
  • Power-on reset IC
  • USB3.0 Cable (1.0m)
  • DIL 80-pin header for user I/F
  • All products are tested by connecting to a computer
  • ESD/Surge protection devices for USB signal lines
  • 4 layer PCB with Immersion gold
  • 2.244" x 2.48" (57 x 63 [mm])
  • Non-use of 6 Restricted substances of RoHS directive


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Specifications (FT600)

This is not a specification of USB-106 but of FT600.
For more details, please see FTDI's web site.

  • Support for USB3.0 SuperSpeed (5Gbps), USB High Speed (480Mbps) and USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps) transfer
  • Available with either 16bit/32bit wide parallel FIFO interface
  • Supports 2 parallel slave FIFO bus protocols, with data bursting rate up to 400Mbps
  • Supports multi channel FIFO interface
  • Up to 8 configurable endpoints (pipes)
  • Built-in 16kB FIFO data buffer RAM
  • Supports multi voltage I/O: 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V
  • Configurable GPIO support
  • Supports Remote Wakeup capability
  • Provides USB Battery Charger Detection
  • Integrated power-on-reset circuit
  • Extended operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C


Reference Data

USB3.0 compliance test. Eye pattern of upstream tests.

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USB2.0 compliance test. Eye pattern of upstream tests.

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Package Contents

Item Image Quantity
USB-106 USB-106


USB cable (Type A to B)   1
80-pin header 40pinhead 1

There is no paper document such as user's manual and circuit schematic in the package.
Please download those documents from the link in the documentation section below.


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FT600 Evaluation Board






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