[ACM-023]Altera Cyclone IV E F484 FPGA board

Last Updated: Thursday, 26 March 2015

Altera Cyclone IV E F484 FPGA board

ft-cyclone4e ft-MRAM


ACM-023 is Altera's Hi-performance Cyclone IV E FPGA board. It's compact and very simple. 3.3V single power supply operation.

Cyclone FPGA Board ACM-023
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Cyclone FPGA Board ACM-023
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Block Diagram

Block Diagram ACM-023
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  • Altera EP4CE55F23C8N or
    Altera EP4CE75F23C8N or
    Altera EP4CE115F23C8N
    Feature EP4CE55F23C8N EP4CE75F23C8N EP4CE115F23C8N
    Logic Elements 55,856 75,408 114,480
    Embedded Memory (Kbits) 2,340 2,745 3,888
    Embedded Multipliers 154 200 266
    PLLs 4 4 4
    Global Clock Networks 20 20 20
    Maximum user I/O (Device) 374 426 528
    Maximum user I/O (Board) 100 100 100

This table is for reference. Please refer to official data-sheets for certain information.

  • Configuration Device
    EPCS16SI18N (Altera, 16Mbit) for EP4CE55
    EPCS64SI16N (Altera, 64Mbit) for EP4CE75 and EP4CE115
  • 100 I/O PADs 100 mil (2.54 mm) grid
  • Separable VCCIO
  • On-board oscillators : 30 MHz and 50 MHz
  • External clock input via User I/O and MMCX connector pair.
  • Two User Push-Button Switches
  • Two User LEDs
  • Two Status LEDs (Power, Done)
  • MRAM (Everspin : MR2A16AYS35, 256K x16 bits)
  • Power-on Reset
  • JTAG port(10 pin socket) for ByteBlaster[MV/II] or USB Blaster
  • 3.3 V single power supply operation with on-board voltage 1.2 V/2.5 V regulators
  • High quality eight layers PCB.(Immersion gold)
  • Credit-Card-Size 3.386" x 2.126" (86 x 54 mm)
  • Tested all I/O
  • Non-use of 6 Restricted substances of RoHS directive

Package Contents

Item Image Quantity
FPGA board (ACM-023-***) Cyclone FPGA Board ACM-023 1
Pin Headers 80pinhead 2
Sockets 66pinsocket 2

There is no paper document such as user's manual and circuit schematic in the package.
Please download those documents from the link in the documentation section below.

Price and Add-ons

Description Model
(order code)
FPGA List price
Stock Status
CycloneIV E F484 FPGA board ACM-023-55C8 EP4CE55F23C8N
CycloneIV E F484 FPGA board ACM-023-75C8 EP4CE75F23C8N (ASK)
CycloneIV E F484 FPGA board ACM-023-115C8 EP4CE115F23C8N
Universal board
ZKB-054 -
Universal board for ACM/XCM-0 series (Type2) ZKB-105 -


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