[EDX-008] Replacable with XCM-011?

Last Updated: Thursday, 07 September 2017
  I am using XCM-011(Virtex-5 FPGA Bread board) now. Is it replaceable with EDX-008 (Kintex-7 USB-FPGA Board) ?


 Yes. You can replace your XCM-011 with EDX-008. All XCM-0 series boards' connectors are compatible with EDX-008. (with some exceptions)
But way of powering is different.

  • For XCM-011, please input 3.3V from CNA[1,2-pin]
  • For EDX-008, please input 5.0V from CNA/CNB[3,4-pin]

For more details, please refer to schematic file of products.



XCM-0 Series

(with some exceptions)

1,2 3.3V Input I/O Power Input
3,4 NC NC


EDX-008 Series 1,2

(3.3V Output by soldering)

(I/O Power Input by soldering)

3,4 5.0V Input 5.0V Input



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