UX: ACM-202 for Compact Ultrasound Device for Noncontact Interaction

Last Updated: Friday, 14 November 2014

The ACM-202 is used for controller of Compact Ultrasound Device for Noncontact Interaction. The USB-103 is also used in the device.

Ph.D. Takayuki Hoshi, Nagoya Institute of Technology.

This device can move a object put over it without physical touching. These pictures are captured from a web-site below,
https://star.web.nitech.ac.jp/aufd/aufd.html (Japanese)



An article of the device is saw in a magazine published in Japan. FYI, a link for the magagine is here. (Japanese).

Here is a comment from Ph.D.Hoshi. (Thank you very much)

The ACM-202 saved my time to design a new PCB for BGA package FPGA offering me 296ch I/Os.  It was great help for me. My draft paper published in the Interface magazine is available here,
https://star.web.nitech.ac.jp/pdf/2014interface.pdf (Japanese)

[kw] 2014-11-05 ACM-202 USB-103


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