[TEC] Differences between ZKB-106 and ZKB-153

Last Updated: Friday, 07 September 2018

 ZKB-153 is a revised baseboard for ACM/XCM-2 series from ZKB-106


ZKB-106 ZKB-153

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Here are differences between the two boards.
ZKB-106B Rev2 is used to be compared.

1. A start number of draw out pin of CNC and CND connector is changed.

Here is an example of CNC IO (IOC).

ZKB-106 ZKB-153

Each I/O pair is arranged obliquely (as silk shows)

Each I/O pair is arranged horizontally


2. Widen the distance between through holes wired with each connector.

ZKB-106 ZKB-153

Magin of connectors is 100mil

Margin of connectors is 300mil


This make it possible to mount connector or other componets easier.

Example with MIL connectors

3. Connectors led out from pin no.11 and 12 of CNA and CNB is changed to SMA from MMCX.

 ZKB-106 ZKB-153

MMCX connectors can be used

SMA connectors can be used


4. 3.3V power can be input from #4 pin of a terminal connector (TB1).

ZKB-106 ZKB-153

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It output generated 3.3V

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It is can be used as 3.3V input  (Please remove JP1 when you input)


In addition, references of some parts, e.g. TP*, and net names, e.g. VIO(B) to VIOB, are changed. net names are changed. e.g. VIO(B) to VIOB



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