[FAQ]Temparature range of FPGA boards

Last Updated: Monday, 09 June 2014


We look for informations of the temperature range of the FPGA boards.
Could you give us any informations of the temperature range of the boards ?

Our FPGA boards contain no applications. So it is difficult to specify its operation temperature range.
Operation temperature completely differs by whether the board function is toggling a LED by push switch or running some application on 100 MHz clock rate.
This means that only the developer of an FPGA board can determine its operation temperature range.
Almost all components used on our FPGA boards are Commercial grade.
And we select as wide temperature products as possible for key devices (e.g. oscillators).
We have experiences of manufacturing FPGA boards with wide (Industrial) temperature products.

In that case, all we can assure is that the board consists of all industrial grade components. But we cannot ensure that it operates properly in the temperature range you wish.

Capacitors and other passive components have their inherent characteristic. For example, a capacitance vs. temperature characteristic of X5R grade ceramic capacitors often used as bypass capacitors is below.


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