New Product: ACM-308, EDX-303

Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 November 2017

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[ACM-308] Intel Cyclone 10 LP E144 FPGA board


Cyclone 10 FPGA BOARD ACM-308

ACM-308 is Intel's Hi-performance Cyclone 10 LP FPGA board. It's compact and very simple. 3.3V single power supply operation.

  • 10CL006YE144C8G
  • 10CL010YE144C8G
  • 10CL016YE144C8G
  • 10CL025YE144C8G

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[EDX-303] Xilinx Spartan-7 USB-FPGA board

ft-usb_config ft-usb_comm ft-hi-speed

Spartan-7 USB-FPGA Board EDX-303

EDX-303 is Xilinx's Hi-performance USB-FPGA Spartan-7 board. It's compact and very simple. 5.0 V external or USB Bus power supply operation. FTDI's FT2232H (Dual channel USB controller IC) is equipped. One channel is available for a user communication interface. The other channel is configured as an I/F for FPGA configuration and configuration device access.

No download cable is needed with original configuration tool " BBC [EDX-303]".

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Features of HuMANDATA FPGA board

  • Basic and simple features, single power supply operation
  • Over 100 varieties of FPGA/CPLD boards are available
  • Same board size and connector layout – ACM/XCM series
  • Free download technical documents before purchasing

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