[XCM-107]Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT FFG665 FPGA board

Last Updated: Friday, 27 March 2015

Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT FFG665 FPGA board

ft-virtex5 ft-RocketIO

*This series was discontinued.


Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT FFG665 High Performance FPGA Board. XCM-107 is simple and easy to use. It's Compact size. 3.3V single power supply operation.

xilinx fpga board spartan-3AN XCM-108
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xilinx fpga board spartan-3AN XCM-108
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Block Diagram

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Typical Eye Diagram

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Pre-emphasis: 0%
Data: PRBS-7

other example waveform


  • Xilinx XC5VLX30T-1FFG665C or
    Xilinx XC5VLX50T-1FFG665C
    Feature XC5VLX30T XC5VLX50T
    Slices 4,800 7,200
    Logic Cells 30,720 46,080
    Maximum Distributed RAM Bits 320 480
    Maximum user I/O pins(Device) 360 360
    Maximum user I/O pins(Board) 128 128
    Total Block RAM Bits 1,296 2,160
    DCMs 4 12
    PLLs 2 6
    DSP48Es 32 48

    This table is for reference. Please refer to official data-sheets for certain information.

  • 128 user I/O (with two 80pin HIROSE connectors).
  • Separable VCCO
  • On-board Oscillator, 30MHz and 50MHz (LVTTL)
  • On-board oscillator for RocketIO reference clock (125 MHz, 150MHz.LVDS).
  • RocketIO Tx 2ch. Rx 2ch.
  • One User Switch (Push-button)
  • Two User LEDs
  • Two Status LEDs (Power, Done)
  • Power-on Reset IC for FPGA configuration
  • JTAG port (7 pin socket)
  • JTAG buffer for stable download and debug
  • Large capacity configuration device (SPI FLASH), in-system programmable by iMPACT
  • 3.3 V single power supply operation with on-board 1.0 V/1.2 V/2.5 V regulators
  • High quality eight layers PCB. (Immersion gold)
  • Compact size 1.693" x 2.126" (43 x 54 mm)
  • Tested all I/O
  • RoHS compliance

Package Contents

Item Image Quantity
FPGA board (XCM-107-***) xilinx fpga board XCM-107 1
Sockets (HIROSE 80P) HIROSE80 2

There is no paper document such as user's manual and circuit schematic in the package.
Please download those documents from the link in the documentation section below.

Price and Add-ons

Description Model
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Virtex-5 FFG665 FPGA board XCM-107-30T XC5VLX30T-1FFG665C
Virtex-5 FFG665 FPGA board XCM-107-50T XC5VLX50T-1FFG665C
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